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Halloween Day

Halloween Day or Halloween festival is a type of holiday celebrated on 31 October every year. Halloween Day is the day of the rise of dead souls. On whose day the souls of all those people come to the earth, in whose house the elders, or some other person dies.

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Halloween festival is most celebrated in Europe, America and England as well as many other countries of the world. But it is said that the tradition of celebrating this dreaded festival started from Ireland and Scotland.

Why is Halloween Day celebrated?

Halloween Day is celebrated with great pomp in Western countries. Everybody makes this festival in their own way and for children it is a day to ask for chocolate from their relatives and neighbors. All the elders worship and pray on this day for the peace of the soul of their ancestors.

People usually decorate the festival and wear new clothes, but this festival is different. On this festival, people make their scary appearance, makeup is done like spirits and ghosts and clothes are also according to this theme.

 What is the history of Halloween Day?

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It is believed that almost 2000 first famous religious festival “All Sats Day” is celebrated on 1 November in Northern Europe but it is also believed that the history of Halloween is ancient Celtic festival, called Samhain. On this day, those who observe the Gallic traditions celebrate this festival and it is the last day of the harvest season and from this day the cold season also starts.

They believe more that on this day the souls of the dead rise and appear on the earth and cause problems for the living humans. And to remove fear from these evil spirits, these people wear the same clothes as them. Apart from this, the bonfire (fire) is burnt and the bones of dead animals are thrown into it.

It is also known as “All Sats Day”, which is celebrated on November 1, which was created by the Christian people for the conversion of idolaters. On this day idols are worshiped. The evening of Hallows precedes “All Sats Day”, now known as Halloween. But some Pops tried to mix it with another Christian and the result was that “All Sets Day” and Halloween Day are celebrated on one day.

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What is the secret behind lighting a lantern on Halloween?

There is a tradition of lighting lanterns on this day. Jack and the Devil are believed to be Irish folk legend behind it. Irish-born stingy alcoholic Jack brought his devil friend to his house to drink but he did not want his money to be spent and he told his friend that you took liquor Come, and I will give you pumpkin (pumpkin) at home instead and he agreed to be his friend and both of them enjoyed drinking alcohol.

When he asked Jack for pumpkin, he turned his back. And his friend angrily made a scary lantern out of the pumpkin, hung it on the tree outside the house, on which he put burning coals towards the carving of his mouth. Since then, as a lesson to others, the trend of Jack-O-Lantern started on this day. It is a symbol of showing the path of their ancestors’ souls and avoiding evil spirits.

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Some exciting things about halloween

  • Overseas Halloween is the most celebrated festival after Christmas.
  • In America, children celebrate trick and treat on this day and go to neighbors’ house to speak trick and treat. The neighbors then call them treats and give them chocolate to eat.
  • Tricks and treats were started by the Celtic people, in which they used to call the spirits by keeping food and drink outside their homes.
  • In the US, it is considered inauspicious to cut a black cat’s path on Halloween evening.
  • In America, parents spend millions on children’s clothes on this day.
  • In some places on this day and throughout October you cannot buy or adapt a cat because the seller of cats fears that the cat may not be slaughtered on this day.
  • Some people consider Halloween to be influenced by a festival in Rome called Pomona in which the goddess of Rome is worshiped.

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