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A calendar is a system that is used for organizing days and is also used for specifying dates. It also works as a physical device (whether paper or electronic) used to record such a system. Calendars have historically been designed for agricultural, commercial, social, religious or administrative purposes. A calendar can also be used as a reminder of future planned events.

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Calendar and Date Organization

Calendar divisions are based on the movements of the Earth and is also based on regular appearances of the Sun and the Moon, and it typically works by dividing  the time up into the units of days, weeks, months and years. Most of these units are based on objectively verifiable astronomical cycles, although the use of weeks within calendars is purely for administrative convenience and is not tied to any astronomical cycle.

Calendar is a term taken from calendae, it is used for the first day of the month in the Roman calendar.It is related to the verb calare  which means “to call out”, it refers to the “calling” of the new moon . IN latin calendarium means “account book, register”.The Latin term was accepted in Old French as calendier and from there in Middle English as calender by the 13th century. A calendar can be on  electronic device or paper.

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National Day Calendar

The National Today national calendar of days is a place to review the fun days, food days, and important days of the year, it is all in one easy-to-read national day calendar.

Our calendar includes the widest variety of national days you’ll find anywhere, including days from US government or other government declarations, days named by organization or companies, days marking significant anniversaries and milestones, or even days created by social media buzz!

Wall Calendar Types

A wall calendar is, as the name implies, a fairly large calendar intended for placement on a wall. Their size varies depending on the needs of the purchaser and the abilities of the print manufacturer, although 300mmx300mm when closed is a fairly typical standard, especially for decorative wall calendars.

A promotional wall calendar can be an effective way of increasing your brand recognition. It’s popular in many a business to print wall calendars. These are usually branded with a corporate logo, distributed for free among customers or leads. Since a large wall calendar remains a useful item even in today’s online world, they’re remarkably efficient at keeping your company name in front of customers eyes.

A wall calendar can however come in many different styles and formats, including mini calendars. The content of a calendar can vary considerably as well. Traditionally though, when you buy wall calendar, they consist of a collection of images, usually presented as one per month, based around a unifying theme.

Wall Calendar Themes

Wall calendar themes vary widely, and some manufacturers, like Almanac, offer custom printing options that allow you to specify the photo used on each page of your wall calendar.

A common wall calendar theme is art, with reproductions of famous works of art appearing on each page. Other popular themes include people, cars, animals and landscapes to name but a few.

National themes are another favourite topic for wall calendars, with scenes representing a national identity, such as the Great Wall of China for example.

The Future Of The Wall Calendar

Despite moves into an ever more digital world, it is likely that the humble wall calendar will remain a fixture in our lives for a long time to come. Technology may improve the printing process, wall calendars may become erasable or perpetual with digital technology, but there will always be a demand for something that allows us to tell the date with a single glance. Wall calendars are here to stay.

Common Calendar Sizes For Printing – Which Standard To Use?

There are many different calendar sizes you can think of for a printed wall calendar. In the end it is a matter of taste but there are main sizes, which are commonly used and frequently offered for calendar printing. Here are some well-established sizes for calendars:

8.5” x 11” Calendars

8.5” x 11” is a well-known standard size for calendars. If it is a saddle stitched calendar the open format is different. Think of a magazine you would open, turn around and hang on the wall with a drilling hole. The calendar opens up to 8.5” x 22” and is perfect for graphics that are aligned vertically like portraits and high buildings.

In a landscape format  a 11” x 8.5” calendar opens up to 11” x 17” and this is the most commonly used calendar size. The format goes well with all kinds of graphics and landscapes.

5.5” x 8.5” Calendars

5.5” x 8.5” is a familiar size if you are looking for a more compact wall calendar. The open format is 5.5” x 17” or  8.5” x 11”for saddle stitched calendars. Of course these smaller calendars are a bit cheaper and can be found in stores as often as the larger ones.

11” x 17” Wire-O Calendars

For Wire-O calendars 11” x 17” or 17” x 11” is the most common size. As the closed and open format is the same for wire-o calendars this relates to the 8.5 “ x 11” saddle stitched size, when it is unfolded.

Other Common Calendar Sizes

Stripe calendars are a very popular format in Europe. You have a long stripe with lots of space to mark specific dates like birthdays, anniversaries etc. A common long sized stripe format is 5.83” x 16.54” which is adapted from the European format. Popular square calendar sizes are 5.5” x 5.5”, 8.5” x 8.5”, 11” x 11”.

Desk Calendars

Desk calendars are very essential and useful. Most people use them to plan their week and use them to remind them of the week ahead and important events. There is a wide range available to choose from to suit any environment and taste. The other great thing about these calendars is that you either get them for free or at a very low price.

Most companies also use custom desk calendars to promote their brands, company names and products. These custom calendars are very affordable compared to advertising products and brands in publications and billboards. Even though they require only a nominal investment they still have a huge impact on your business. They have become more popular than business cards and look very stylish and trendy.

Logo Imprinted Desk Calendars

Logo imprinted calendars usually require a lot of printing space. This means that you are able to easily market and grow your business. It is important to make sure that you use all the space available wisely. Use large fonts so that your information is clearly visible and easy to read. Try to use colours that are dark or use two-colour printing to make the calendar more interesting and appealing. Also remember to choose your design carefully so that it fits your company’s image and your marketing needs.

Promotional Desk Calendars

There are a few very cheap and highly efficient ways to promote your brand and products. One way is by using promotional desk calendars. Calendars are needed by everyone and new ones are required every year. Since they are needed all year this means that companies can be able to promote their brands and produces all year long. It is one of the most affordable and long term forms of advertising and marketing.

Promotional desk calendars are great organisers and planners. They help individuals keep track of their daily, weekly and even monthly commitments and important dates, appointments, events, meetings and more. This promotional resource can be as substantial as a desk pad or as little as a business card. With your brand at the top, your customers would always be able to reach you. There is so much variety in desk calendars and they come in many different sizes, styles and designs. You can easily find one that you like and suits your unique needs.

Desk Pad Calendars

The desk pad has become a occurring site in the commercial business office,perfect a function of both accessory and planner. The desk pad as we know it today probably originated from the practice of using a blotter of absorbent paper on desks to dry ink from quill pens.

Today, an executive desk pad often includes a desk pad calendar, and is frequently printed with promotional information, providing brand exposure for the business who prints, commissions or provides them.

Photo Calendar Scenes

One of the most common types of print calendars today is the photo calendar. As the name suggests, the photo calendar consists of the usual options of weekly or monthly calendar pages, with each month usually paired with an attractive photograph for visual appeal.

A yearly photo calendar is often based on a theme which dictates the nature of the photographs which appear on the pages for each month. Common themes include scenes from nature, animal calendars, vehicle calendars, and calendars with photos of people.

Freight Calendars

There are a lot of effective ways to promote your business. Since calendars have become so popular, they are now being used by a lot of businesses. All types of businesses now make calendars with their company logos, names and brands. These businesses include most industries like art, stores, and more. There are even freight calendars. This is one very innovative and highly effective way to market your business.

Poster Calendars Create A Positive Mood

A poster calendar is something that you must have seen some time or the other. They make extremely good looking gifts to hand out to your staff members as well as your customers to promote your business. You can easily go to the website of a printing firm, where you will find many designs that you can select for your calendars.

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